I have obtained the following licenses and certificates

Lifestyle studio Amsterdam East is affiliated with the Dutch Professional Association for Hypnotherapists (NBVH) under member number 21025 and receives a license every year, which is visibly displayed in the practice. This license is refreshed annually by the NBVH and guarantees that the therapist meets the necessary requirements with regard to training, further training and intervision. Lifestyle studio Amsterdam East is registered in the HBO Register of Professional Practitioners Complementary Care (RBCZ). The RBCZ foundation is an umbrella organisation that certifies and registers practitioners of complementary and alternative medicine (care providers and therapists at HBO level).

This is what you could do if you have a complaint

If you have a complaint about the treatment, please discuss this with me. If we cannot resolve it together or if you have a complaint that you cannot or do not want to discuss with me, you can contact the complaints committee via the NBVH. The complaints committee is the 'front portal'. The Complaints Committee only deals with minor problems and forwards the rest to the Complaints Officer. He or she opts for mediation or refers to the disputes committee SCAG or in serious cases to the Stichting Tuchtrecht Complementaire Zorg (TCZ).

A duty of confidentiality applies to me on the basis of the professional code and the statutory medical confidentiality.

If you want to cancel, these are the conditions

You are required to cancel an appointment at least 48 hours in advance, otherwise the costs of the reserved time may be charged.


I do not hold myself liable for any adverse consequences that have arisen due to incorrect or incomplete information being provided by the client. 

These are the rates

The rate for a 1.5 hours session is 90 euros. 

When the payment obligation is not met

If payments are not made on time, the collection of the outstanding amounts will be transferred to a collection agency, which will charge the statutory interest and collection costs to the client. The payment terms of the collection agency apply.

Declaration of the sessions

You are responsible for submitting the invoices to the health insurer and you must inquire whether the health insurer reimburses the therapy.