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This planner can be used by new and existing clients. Your data will be sent securely and treated confidentially. Schedule an appointment in Dutch or English so that communication takes place in your preferred language.

Frequently asked questions
What happens after making an appointment? You will receive a confirmation email and a reminder advance. The email contains a link with which you can reschedule or cancel the appointment. You will also receive an invitation to fill in an online questionnaire and complete your personal details.
Which kind of session is best for me to book? The first time you schedule an intake session. You will then be placed in my client system and receive necessary information for new clients. If you are already in the system, you can also book via the online planner, then book a session. The system recognises your email address and the appointment is linked to your file. When we have agreed that you will do a trajectory with short sessions, you can schedule a trajectory session of one hour.
How do I pay for the session? You pay for your session afterwards. You will receive an invoice by email and you could send it to your insurance company if you have an additional insurance. 
What can I do if I am unable to attend? In the confirmation email and reminder you will find links to reschedule or cancel your appointment yourself. This is possible up to 48 hours before your appointment. If this is no longer possible, I kindly ask you to contact me via or SMS to 0619125593. Without (timely) cancellation or rescheduling, the costs for the session can be charged.