Ik ben drs. Sarah Boon, psychosociaal therapeut met een specialisatie in hypnotherapie en ACT therapie. Als je op zoek bent naar een therapeut in Amsterdam dan raad ik je zeker aan om even rond te kijken. Om te beginnen kun je hier informatie vinden over mijn sessies. Bovendien kun je direct een afspraak inplannen zonder wachtlijst. Als je meer wilt weten over mijn opleidingen, ervaring en accreditaties, scroll dan omlaag. Neem gerust contact me book your session right away.


What sets me apart from many other psychosocial therapists is my completed university degree and my method, based on scientific research. First of all, I help you with an open vision. You can expect me to be caring, understanding and a good listener. Furthermore, the solutions I propose are always well-founded by research. My goal is for you to start living the life you desire again as soon as possible.



  • Stress, sleeping problems and depression. Such as recovery after burnout or depression.
  • Phobias, anxiety and trauma. Such as processing an emotionally shocking event. 
  • Lifestyle problems and addiction. Such as quitting smoking and help with losing weight. 
  • Difficulties in relationships. Such as jealousy and fear of commitment or abandonment. 
  • Unwanted thoughts or behavior. Such as the treatment of compulsive behaviour or intrusive thoughts. 
  • To deal with a difficult situation. Such as grief processing, regret or illness.
  • Low self-esteem or lack of self-compassion. Like feeling insecure or socially anxious.
  • Psychosomatic problems. Such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS / spastic colon) and other forms of physical problems that are insufficiently explained after medical examination.

Do you want to know if the therapy sessions in Amsterdam can mean something to you? Then contact me open-ended.


I am member of NBVH (Dutch Professional Association for Hypnotherapists). The members of the NBVH are trained at HBO level or higher and must meet strict requirements.
I am a member of the RBZC (Register of Professional Practitioners in Complementary Care). This is the quality register for HBO-educated therapists.

I am member of S.C.A.G. (Foundation Complementary and Alternative Healthcare) and this means that I comply with the law quality, complaints and disputes care (Wkkgz).



From 2006 I studied Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies at Radboud University Nijmegen. I researched how we can change our perception of reality by changing our language use. I was interested in how we give meaning to life and how our beliefs structure parts of our reality.

In 2011 I did my bachelor research on hypnotic trance. Something that has many forms and is used therapeutically in hypnotherapy. In 2013 I graduated from the University of Amsterdam with a research project on how language influences our perception of reality.

After obtaining my Master's degree, I had a successful dance career for about ten years. In the meantime I did various courses in the direction of coaching and therapy. In the end, I started an apprenticeship with Henk Hoenderdos to become a psychosocial therapist and hypnotherapist. Later I immersed myself extensively in ACT therapy and did a training from Steven Hayes. As a therapist I connected many of my interests, experiences and strengths.


  • WO MA. Religiewetenschappen – UvA Amsterdam
  • HBO Hypnotherapie – Hoenderdos Haarlem
  • Minor Persuasieve Communicatie – UvA Amsterdam
  • P. Wijsbegeerte – RU Nijmegen
  • Life Coaching professional – Leidsche Onderwijs Instellingen Leiden
  • ACT Acceptance and Commitment Therapy training vol. 1 t/m 6 – Steven Hayes
  • Aromatherapie (semi) beroepsopleiding – Aromamore Haarlem
  • Eénzijdig relaties verbeteren cursus – Acute Sense Arnhem
  • Neuro Linguïstisch Programmeren (NLP) – Hoenderdos Haarlem
  • Voice Dialogue (werken met persoonlijkheidsdelen) – Hoenderdos Haarlem
  • Psychosociale basiskennis 840 studie uren – Stichting CAM Utrecht
  • Symposium bewustwording naar herstel – Academy Hypnos
  • Crisis counseling – Derrick Paladino
Would you like to know what I could do for you? If you are curious about hypnotherapy or ACT therapy sessions in Amsterdam, feel free to contact me. It's possible to to get acquainted without obligation and free of charge in a video call session. Currently there is no waiting list for hypnotherapy and ACT therapy sessions in Amsterdam.